Acrylic Versus Lucite: What’s The Difference? Is Either Better Than Glass?

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“Before we answer the question of what the difference is between the two, let’s examine some other products that are in the same situation. Kleenex, Scotch tape, Band-Aid, Vaseline, and Lucite. What do all of these items have in common? They are all brand names that have replaced the product name itself. DuPont developed Lucite in 1937 as a high-quality, trademarked version of acrylic resin. Acrylic plastics can replace glass in many products with varying degrees of visual and constructive qualities. Lucite is an acrylic plastic resin primarily used in windows and fashionable interior and furniture design due to its crystal transparency, flexibility, and strength, along with its resistance to UV rays, wind, and water.

Not all acrylic is created equal. Some acrylic may be low quality and may not be as clear or resistant to the elements as higher grade acrylic plastic, such as Lucite. We use Lucite in our acrylic pull handles and knobs because we only use the best materials. Lucite is crystal clear and scratch-resistant, meaning it won’t lose its perfect look the first time someone opens the door. Despite its strength, Lucite is incredibly flexible, making it perfect to use in the creation of custom or exotically designed knobs and handles. It can also be colored by adding dyes, pigments, and other substances to create a one-of-a-kind look.

At First Impressions International, we use Lucite because we believe in creating the best products on the market with only the highest quality materials. Our customers deserve nothing but the best. In short, there is no real difference between acrylic and Lucite. Lucite is simply the best version of acrylic on the market. When a company says they are selling acrylic products, the quality may run the gamut from poor to the highest possible. There is no way of knowing until you see the product itself. Since we use Lucite in our products, the quality is always of the highest order. Whether it is a custom-designed piece, a totally translucent handle, or a multi-colored knob, our products are held to the highest standards.

Since Lucite is a specific type of acrylic, namely the best, the next step in discussing why we choose to use it in our products is to compare it to glass. Glass was the standard bearer for clear home fixtures for a long time. With the development and advent of Lucite home and business fixtures and acrylic furniture, especially following WWII where it had been used exhaustively for military purposes, glass became less prevalent over time. Today, Lucite continues to see many uses in home furnishing, mainly due to the strength of the material and its break-resistant nature, making it safer to use as furniture and functional pieces. While strength is a key factor in using Lucite, the material is also incredibly flexible, weighs less than glass, and is even clearer than glass. All of these factors, especially the safety, weight, and malleability of Lucite, make it the superior option for creating pull handles, knobs, curtain rods, and other deluxe home hardware.

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