Elevate Your Space with Premium Cast Acrylic Door Handles and Drawer Pulls

First Impressions Cast Acrylic Handles, Knobs & Pulls
Provide Superior Quality and Durability

Discover the unparalleled quality of clear acrylic door handles and drawer pulls with First Impressions International. Explore our wide selection of acrylic pulls and knobs, offering both stunning stock options and the flexibility to create custom hardware solutions for your project.

Experience the Brilliance of Cast Acrylic

Our cast acrylic is a cut above the rest, boasting exceptional clarity that surpasses traditional glass. 

Crystal-Clear Clarity:
Enjoy the brilliance of cast acrylic, providing a level of clarity that exceeds glass alternatives.

Unmatched Durability:
Rest assured, our acrylic handles and pulls won’t yellow, chip, or succumb to UV damage, ensuring long-lasting beauty.

Versatile Applications:
From door handles to drawer pulls and drapery hardware, our acrylic is perfect for a variety of uses.

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Craftsmanship Beyond Compare

At First Impressions International, we take pride in crafting optically clear acrylic with precision and care.

Precision Craftsmanship:
Our manufacturing process ensures the creation of optically clear acrylic, maintaining superior quality.

Custom Design Capabilities:
Bring your unique design concepts to life with our expert team, who thrive on design challenges.

Your Vision, Our Expertise

Choose First Impressions International when nothing but the best will suffice for your project. We offer a remarkable selection of acrylic hardware suitable for both residential and commercial handles, including custom pulls.

Wide Range of Options:
From door handles to custom logo designs, we have all your needs covered.

Setting the Standard in Cast Acrylic

First Impressions International stands as the premier designer and manufacturer of cast acrylic door handles and cabinet pulls. Our dedication to excellence is exemplified through the use of Lucite, a premium raw acrylic powder material developed by DuPont in 1937. Lucite not only ensures exceptional clarity but also contains built-in UV protection to safeguard against fading or yellowing due to sun exposure.

Exceptional Door Hardware Manufacturing

Our manufacturing process employs high-pressure and high-temperature techniques, resulting in cast acrylic with unmatched clarity and durability. Say goodbye to chipping and scratches, as our acrylic is engineered to withstand the test of time. Unlike common extruded acrylic, which is susceptible to UV damage and scratches, our cast acrylic offers superior performance.

Versatile Applications

Our cast acrylic finds its place in various settings, ranging from high-use commercial and retail applications to diverse residential uses. Whether it’s door handles, cabinet door and drawer pulls, furniture pulls, shower door handles, or hardware for wine cellars, and movie rooms, our acrylic shines.

Door Hardware Customization

We specialize in crafting brand logo door handles in a range of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. If you have a unique logo or design in mind, we have the expertise to turn it into reality. At First Impressions International, we’re committed to delivering the best. Elevate your space with the finest cast acrylic drawer handles and door pulls. Choose First Impressions International for quality that goes beyond expectations.

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