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Your Home, Your Art: Drawer Pulls and “Pulling” It All Together

Drawers are magical for containing the many varied items of our lives. Whether in the bedroom, bathroom, or in the kitchen as the infamous “junk drawer,” drawers have the great gift of hiding our most prized possessions, as well as those items we just don’t want the whole world to see. And a drawer is only as fancy as the drawer pull attached to the face. Options abound for decoration, from glass to antique pulls. If you’re designing in the bedroom and looking to overhaul your dresser drawer pulls, there are unique options to suit every style and preference. Or, if you’re more into the knob look, there are a plethora of drawer knobs to meet that need as well.

With so many cool drawer pulls on the market, it is easy to get overwhelmed in the design decision-making process. If you’ve already scoured blogs, pin boards, and your local hardware store, yet still find yourself stuck, perhaps it’s time to approach this from another angle. One easy way to narrow the playing field is to come up with some parameters. First, select the material you’d like to use. Next, consider size. And lastly, rule-out and rule-in color schemes. By doing the above, you will have been forced to consider what really matters and by default, your endless options will now have some guidelines.


The next thing you’ll probably want to consider in selecting drawer pulls is if you intend to alter other design elements in the room. For example, if you select antique drawer pulls but have your eye on buying a bunch of modern furniture, this style incongruence might present some challenges. Further, if you’re considering refinishing the drawers, do that entirely before selecting your drawer pulls. Even if you think you know how the final product is going to turn out, you might be surprised by the end result. Save yourself the headache, refinish the drawers, start to finish, and then select the drawer pull hardware based upon the known final product. And while this all sounds very serious and detailed, don’t forget to have fun in the design process. Creativity was and is meant to be fun. If you get fatigued, take a break and come back to it tomorrow when you’re refreshed. When selecting your drawer pulls and/or drawer knobs, remember, you get to be the artist of your home and life.

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